The Life of Christ: Stories of Our Saviour Teacher Edition Download

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Life of Christ: Stories of Our Saviour Teacher Edition Download 

Children's Sunday School Curriculum

Format: Digital download license. Purchase one per teacher.


In Stories of Our Saviour, students will hear the parables spoken by our Lord during His ministry on earth. The defining truth from each parable and how it applies to children’s lives will be covered in every lesson. Each study is packed with biblical references, teaching resources, and creative ideas. Teachers and students alike will enjoy learning more about the stories of our Saviour.

Included Inside this Teacher’s Edition:
    •    13 Bible Lessons
    •    Teaching Tips
    •    Memory Verses
    •    Craft Ideas
    •    Snack Ideas
    •    Review Game Instructions
    •    Review Questions
    •    Teacher’s Checklists
    •    Suggested Class Schedules
    •    Object Lessons

Included in the Visual Resource Packet (Sold Separately)
    •    Flash Cards for Select Lessons
    •    Memory Verse Visuals for All Lessons


Included in the Ministry Resource Download (Sold Separately)
With this download, an entire team of teachers is granted permission to produce unlimited quantities of the following resources:
    •    Student Take-Home Papers
    •    Coloring Pages
    •    Activity Pages
    •    Craft and Game Templates
    •    Memory Verse Templates
    •    PowerPoint Presentations


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Publication Date2011
Print Length200 pages
PrintedSpiral Bound
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