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Passionate Parenting

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Passionate Parenting

Enjoying the Journey of Parenting Teens


Proceed with caution! This is not a book for quick-fix parenting. If you’re looking for a way to make parenting easier or less burdensome, this is not the book!


Parenting is work. Parenting is tough. And, contrary to popular expectations, it gets harder as the kids get older.


Passionate Parenting is about pursuing the heart of your teenager and helping that heart fall in love with the heart of God. It all begins with examining your own heart as a parent. It begins with being passionate about your own relationship with Jesus Christ and His will for your life. Then it overflows into a passionate, heart-focused, parent-teen relationship that is built on authenticity, transparency, laughter, godliness, and growth.


The teen years are the best years of parenting. But for many families they are the worst. For many they are nothing more than years of distance, brokenness, hurt, and regret. This doesn’t have to be your family! If you’re up for the challenge of becoming a passionate parent—if you long to enjoy the teen years, and you’re ready for some tough but rewarding work—then dive in! This book will equip you for the journey.

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Publication DateNovember 21, 2012
AuthorCary Schmidt
Print Length256 pages
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About the Author

Cary Schmidt serves as the senior pastor of Emmanual Baptist Church in Newington, Connecticut. He and his wife Dana have three children and enjoy serving the Lord and spending time together as a family. Cary’s books include Discover Your Destiny, Life Quest, and others.

Passionate Parenting
Passionate Parenting Sale price$16.95