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More Than a Name Media Download

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More Than A Name
Lessons from unnamed people in Scripture who left an undeniable impact

by John Goetsch

Our name is given to us at birth and identifies us throughout our entire life... and even beyond.

None of us chose our name, but we do choose every day what kind of name we have. The reputation that we build behind our name is important and valuable. Proverbs 22:1 says, "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches."

  • A Lad with No Name
  • No Name in Hell
  • A No-Name Servant
  • Opposites with No Name
  • Four Men without a Name
  • A Neighbor with No Name
  • Billions with No Name
  • No Name and No Money
  • A Baby Never Named
  • A Shameless Nameless Maniac
  • No Names and No Thanks
  • No Name in Battle
  • And Others with No Name

The reality is that even if others never know our names, our lives can still make a difference for eternity. Throughout Scripture, we are introduced to many such people-men, women, and children whose names are not given. But although God has withheld their names from the record, the lessons they taught with their lives are still living and instructive to us today. In this thirteen-week study, learn from some of these unnamed individuals how you can have an undeniable impact for the Lord Jesus Christ.

For use with: More Than a Name Leader's Guide (sold separately) 

This media download contains the following resources:

Printable Student Outlines

Companion outlines are included (in folded page format). These outlines include blanks that students or members of a group study may fill in during the lessons and also provide support Scripture verses that are used throughout each lesson.

These are excellent tools to engage members of a class or group study. Giving study participants a tangible resource encourages faithfulness to the class, provides participants with a devotional tool for use throughout the week, and allows them to review what they learned previously. 

Presentation Slides

For each of the ten lessons, our presentation slides include the following:

  • Pre-made presentations for each lesson
  • Editable slides in PowerPoint and Keynote
  • JPG slide files for each lesson

Social Media Graphics

Several corresponding social media graphics are included in this resource download for use in promoting your teaching series online. These graphics include background pictures that can be easily customized with a series quote or class announcement.


More Than a Name Media Download
More Than a Name Media Download Sale price$59.95