Monday Meds

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52 Biblical Meditations to Inspire Your School Week and Improve Your Teaching

by Brandon Ewing

Mondays! Some of us struggle to enjoy them, and teachers are no exception. As the weight of responsibilities for the week comes upon us, motivation can run low, and we can feel drained before the week even begins. But what if you could begin your week with an encouraging and inspiring pick-me-up?

In MondayMeds, you will find meditations from the Word of God to encourage your heart at the beginning of each week. In these fifty two devotionals, Christian school administrator, Brandon Ewing, shares helpful insights into classroom management, reaching the heart of a student, and much more. You'll learn to balance correction and encouragement, proactively inspire students, and faithfully make a difference in the lives of your students. You'll return to your classroom with a renewed vision for the students God has entrusted to your influence.

125 pages, soft cover


ISBN: 978-1-59894-485-3