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Live Lighter, Love Better

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Live Lighter, Love Better

Twelve Biblical Decisions for a Meaningful Life


Live Lighter, Love Better is a heart-searching, deep-thinking call to courageous decision-making. The principles of God’s Word as unpacked in this book will empower you to live the abundant life that Jesus promised—a lighter life that is grounded in loving relationships and healthy spiritual and personal balance.


Each chapter examines the life-long regrets of Solomon, as recorded in the book of Ecclesiastes. One principle at a time, allow God’s Word to pull back the curtain of your heart and expose your deepest idols. Allow its liberating truth to loosen the stranglehold that those idols place upon your heart as you begin the journey back to biblical, healthy balance and joy.


Prepare to courageously journey through twelve chapters that will expose your lesser, more oppressive lords; and prepare to embrace twelve intentional decisions that will compel you into the grace-filled arms of the only Loving Lord—Jesus Christ.


Only Jesus can set you on a sustainable path of high-value, meaningful living.

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Publication DateNovember 30, 2016
AuthorCary Schmidt
Print Length264 pages
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About the Author

Cary Schmidt serves as the senior pastor of Emmanual Baptist Church in Newington, Connecticut. He and his wife Dana have three children and enjoy serving the Lord and spending time together as a family. Cary’s books include Discover Your Destiny, Life Quest, and others.

Live Lighter, Love Better
Live Lighter, Love Better Sale price$14.95