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Fourth Quarter

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Fourth Quarter

How to Finish Your Course with Joy 


The fourth quarter of an athletic competition is always the most important! Games are often won or lost in the final moments of play. How much more important is the fourth quarter of life! For many, the last two decades of life are considered “retirement.” But too often, retirement leads to a disengaged life—a life disconnected from eternal values and biblical service.In this book, Dr. Don Sisk challenges you to finish your fourth quarter fully engaged in the work that God has created you to do. He shares the principles and values that have made his own fourth quarter some of the most significant and effective years of his entire life and ministry!

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Publication DateJuly 8, 2011
AuthorDon Sisk 
Print Length128 pages
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About the Author


Dr. Don Sisk has served God faithfully for nearly seven decades. During his lifetime of ministry, he has served as a pastor, a missionary to Japan, both the Far East director and president/general director of Baptist International Missions, Inc., and the chairman of the missions department at West Coast Baptist College. The Lord has used Dr. Sisk and his preaching ministry to encourage countless Christians in the work of worldwide missions