Exposing the Deception of Humanism

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Exposing the Deception of Humanism

Humanism is the belief that man is his own god, and outside of mankind, we need no higher deity or authority. Proponents of humanism are active in government and education, attempting to remove God from society. This booklet exposes the emptiness behind the message that mankind is his own savior, and it charts a path away from the error and back to the truth of Jesus Christ. Learn the core beliefs of this growing religious movement, and discover how to reject its deception once and for all.


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Publication Date2009
AuthorKurt Skelly
Print Length48 pages
Weight2 oz
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Kurt Skelly is the senior pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Since 1996, when he began serving in Pennsylvania, the Lord has blessed the church with tremendous growth. In addition to his pastoral

responsibilities, Pastor Skelly is a frequent speaker at revivals and conferences across the country. He and his wife Wanda have four children.

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