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Diamonds in the Rough

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Diamonds in the Rough

Eve, Sarah, Hannah, Ruth, Esther, Mary... you’ve probably heard messages or participated in Bible studies on all their lives. But how often have you studied the lives of Achsah, Hulda, Azuba, or Joanna? Little-known and infrequently-studied as they are, these women hold valuable lessons for Christian women today. And in this book, Shari Baskin shares insights from these—and sixteen other—women’s lives.


Each chapter in Diamonds in the Rough provides insights from the life of a less-taught woman in Scripture, followed by the story of a more-modern woman whose life illustrates related truths.


As you study these women’s lives, these “diamonds in the rough,” you’ll be blessed by Shari’s careful study of God’s Word and her heart to share these less-taught women of the Bible with you.

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Publication DateApril 3, 2023
AuthorShari Baskin
Print Length192 pages
Weight15.9 oz

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About the Author


Dr. Shari Baskin was saved at an early age and has served the Lord in various teaching and service capacities over the years while simultaneously filling administrative assistance and management roles in the corporate workplace. After her first husband went to Heaven, the Lord brought Shari and her husband Jack together. Currently they serve local churches and church planters around the world, providing training and encouragement toward the spread of the gospel.

Diamonds in the Rough
Diamonds in the Rough Sale price$11.95