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Are We There Yet? Media Download

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Are We There Yet? Media Download
Marriage - A Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples

by Paul Chappell and Terrie Chappell

Most people get married with the assumption that marriage itself is the destination. But somewhere along the way, couples discover that it’s more of a journey. Rather than being a dream-destination island of unending bliss, they quickly learn that marriage is more like a long road trip—the kind where yes, they’re anticipating the arrival and creating some memories, but still find that they’re dealing with the realities of a messy car, motion sickness, and an empty gas tank. 

This teaching series brings biblical principles, fresh insight, and helpful tips, no matter what part of the journey couples are on. It’s for the engaged couple immersed in planning and focused on wonderful expectations for their dream destination. It’s for the newlyweds embarking on their road trip with high spirits, specialty coffee, and a cooler full of snacks. It’s for the mom and dad driving the minivan and distracted by the unending activity of the kids in the back seat. It’s for the couple struggling with motion sickness from the unexpected winding road of trials. It’s for the husband looking for a gas station before running out of fuel to keep his marriage going and for the wife who is holding on to extra baggage. It’s for the husband and wife who find their car clean and quiet once again and desire to finish the journey with love and grace. 

If you teach couples who have lost their way, lost their joy, or just want to get the most out of the journey, this series will help clarify the destination, refuel the gas tank, replenish the snack cooler, and wash those bugs off the windshield to reveal a God-given perspective that can change and strengthen any marriage.

For use with: Are We There Yet Teacher Edition (sold separately)

This ministry download contains the following resources:

Printable Student Outlines

Companion outlines are available (in both full page and folded page formats) as printable downloads through Striving Together Publications. These outlines include blanks that students or members of a group study may fill in during the lessons and also provide support Scripture verses that are used throughout each lesson.

These are excellent tools to engage members of a class or group study. Giving study participants a tangible resource encourages faithfulness to the class, provides participants with a devotional tool for use throughout the week, and allows them to review what they learned previously.

Presentation Slides

For each of the thirteen lessons, our presentation slides include the following:

  • Thirteen pre-made presentations for each lesson 
  • Editable slides in PowerPoint
  • JPG slide files for each lesson
  • Full and wide screen formats

Social Media Graphics

Several corresponding social media graphics are included in this resource download for use in promoting your teaching series online. These graphics include background pictures that can be easily customized with a series quote or class announcement.
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Are We There Yet? Media Download
Are We There Yet? Media Download Sale price$59.95