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Rightly Divided

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Rightly Divided

A Beginners Guide to Bible Study

Have you ever opened your Bible and just stared at it? You were either unsure of where to start, or wondering if you could even make sense of it. Deep down, you want to be committed to God's Word, but you just feel like you lack the tools, the resources, or even the time?


This book starts at Ground Zero for Bible study and takes you through a three-step process to be able to rightly divide the Bible for yourself. You will find these steps explained and illustrated in a way that you can begin studying the Bible immediately. Sample passages are worked through together and action items are provided along each step of the way.

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Publication DateNovember 24, 2017
AuthorMike Lester
Print Length101 pages
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Dimensions5" x 7"

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About the Author


J. Michael Lester served at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California from 1995-2021. Serving as chief academic officer as well as teaching full-time, Dr. Lester's classes made an impact on thousands of people training for a life of Christian ministry. He is a practical teacher of the Word of God, a committed husband and father, a proud "pops" and a friend to Christians. Living with the motto of "Humilitas, Veritas, Integritas" - he has dedicated his life to equipping the next generation for rightly dividing God's Word from a dispensational perspective.

Today, he is the president of Veritas Baptist College (, an online college dedicated to training Christian leaders for local church ministry.

Rightly Divided
Rightly Divided Sale price$7.00