The ExtraOrdinaries

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The ExtraOrdinaries
What Happens when Ordinary People Surrender to an Extraordinary God

by Steve Chappell

Do you dream of doing something amazing, something significant, something extraordinary with your life?

The good news is that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary works. In fact, it’s just five simple letters—extra—that changes ordinary to extraordinary. But those five letters change everything. Extra takes ordinary from “mundane” to “meaningful” and from “routine and common” to “rare and consequential.”

Scripture is full of extraordinary stories—amazing feats accomplished by otherwise ordinary people. In these pages, meet eight of these Bible characters who were catapulted from ordinary to extraordinary by a single trait in their lives that God empowered and used.

We might think that those who are used by God in a special way are uniquely talented or blessed, but that’s a myth. Throughout history, God has used ordinary people in extraordinary ways to accomplish His will. So what has God called you to do? Discover how you can be ExtraOrdinary!

(144 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-378-8