Striving Together Teacher Edition

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Striving Together Teacher Edition

What Teamwork Looks Like in the Local Church

Throughout the New Testament, we see repeated commands to combine our efforts with others to accomplish the work of God. Scripture instructs us to function as a team, to support one another, and to work together toward a common goal.


But just how do we work together as a team? What does biblical teamwork look like? How can I contribute to the success of the mission?


In these lessons you will see biblical examples and receive practical instructions for teamwork within the body of Christ. Discover how you can strive together with fellow Christians and experience the fruit of biblical unity.

Publication DateJune 10, 2013
AuthorTim Christoson
Print Length264 pages
Weight12 oz
Dimensions6" x 9"
PrintedSpiral Bound 
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Tim Christoson is the pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Howell, Michigan. He and his wife Nicole have four children. He has served in pastoral ministry since 1997, helping people know Christ and thrive spiritually.

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