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Salt and Light Teacher Edition

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Salt and Light Teacher Edition

A Study of Biblical Metaphors for the Christian Life


Our Lord often used common illustrations to teach great truths. He used ordinary objects, relationships, and events to communicate extraordinary principles. Much of Paul’s instructions, too, were given through metaphorical language to which his hearers could relate. Analogies and metaphors help us grasp larger truths because they take us from our everyday experiences and lead us to what God desires to be daily realities in our Christian walk.

In this curriculum, we will examine thirteen metaphors that will help define, clarify, and instruct us in specific aspects of our relationship with the Lord. As we examine the basic characteristics of each, we will more thoroughly understand our responsibilities as Christians and learn how to successfully fulfill God’s design for our lives.

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Publication DateFebruary 1, 2006
AuthorMark Rasmussen
Print Length288 pages
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Dimensions6" x 9"

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Dr. Mark Rasmussen has been in Christian college work for over twenty-five years and is internationally known as a leading Christian educator. He is Vice President of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California, where he teaches full time, oversees the operations and student life, and invests his life into hundreds of young adults preparing for full-time ministry.

Salt and Light Teacher Edition
Salt and Light Teacher Edition Sale price$13.95