Just Friends Teacher Edition Download

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Just Friends Teacher Edition Download
Guarding Your Heart for a Wonderful Someday

Format: Digital download license. Purchase one per teacher.

We know it's there, but no one really knows what to call it, and for some strange reason everyone is afraid to talk about it! So what do you call it?

You've probably said it. "We're just friends!" Sometimes you mean it; sometimes you mean something a little stronger, but a bit harder to define. Whatever you call it, it's time to understand a reasonable and biblical approach to guy/girl relationships.

This thirteen-lesson curriculum will help you protect your heart as you journey through the dangerous minefields of young emotions and early attractions. Each lesson will help you understand biblical principles that will ultimately lead you to true love and a "wonderful someday."


This download contains the following resources:

A Printable PDF of the Teacher Edition

Presentation Slides

For each of the thirteen lessons, our presentation slides include the following:

  • Pre-made presentations for each lesson 
  • Editable slides in PowerPoint
  • JPG slide files for each lesson
  • Full and wide screen formats
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