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Jesus Saves Easter Presentation

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Jesus Saves

This downloadable Easter services package includes the high definition videos listed below, plus a free bonus of slide motions, and artwork for slides that can be adapted for bulletins and tracts as well. All videos (unless specifically marked) contain no audio and were designed to be played in service during a live song of your choice. Videos specifically noted with song titles were tailored to fit the timing and words of the song they were created for. Links to purchase the sheet music for these songs are available below.

Opening Scene (0:15)
Women coming to the tomb, voiceover with Matthew 28:5-6 

Jesus Cares (2:43)
The story of the man healed by the Pool of Bethesda (with dialogue)

Jesus Loves (3:28)
The story of the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus (with dialogue) 

Jesus Lives (3:56)
The story of Peter’s denial and Christ’s resurrection (with dialogue) 

Crucifixion (1:07)
Jesus on the cross, voiceover with Isaiah 53:5

Feels Like Redemption (4:16) (song sold separately)
Homeless man, teenage boy, husband and wife, widow meet Christ

Blessed Redeemer (4:00) (song sold separately)
Jesus beaten and nailed to the cross in front of crowd 

Healing Scenes (0:54)
Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, heals a blind man, heals a leper, teaches his disciples

Jesus Saves Easter Presentation
Jesus Saves Easter Presentation Sale price$39.95 Regular price$99.00