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Faith and Finances

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Faith and Finances

Eternal Promises for Today's Resources


Many Christians assume that money is a matter of budgets and spreadsheets, income and expenses. They think of it strictly in terms of material or emotional benefits and results.


But Scripture gives us a larger—an eternal—perspective. Woven throughout Scripture are principles and promises that deal with our finances—assurances that God will meet our needs and instructions for investing our resources into eternity.

In these pages, discover how you can trust and follow God's Word to teach, instruct, correct, comfort, and guide in this vital, and very personal area of life.

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Publication DateJune 2, 2014
AuthorTim Rosen
Print Length136 pages
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About the Author

Tim Rosen has been assisting families with their finances since 1999 and is the founder and CEO of Financial Compass Investment Services, Inc. He has been married to his wife Victoria for twenty-six years, and has two children and one grandchild.

Faith and Finances
Faith and Finances Sale price$6.95