Facing Goliath Teacher Edition Download

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Facing Goliath Teacher Edition
Dare to Engage in Spiritual Battle

Format: Digital download license. Purchase one per teacher.

This product is a printable PDF of the Teacher Edition.

Goliath was not the only giant David faced. In this thirteen-lesson curriculum, discover how you, too, can face your giants in the strength of the Lord!

Lesson topics include:

  • Dare to Answer God's Call
  • Dare to Take on Giants
  • Dare to Serve the King
  • Dare to Be a Leader
  • Dare to Listen to Wise Counsel
  • Dare to Be a Real Friend
  • Dare to Love Your Enemies
  • Dare to Stay Clean
  • Dare to Accept Correction
  • Dare to Raise Your Children for God
  • Dare to Be Meek
  • Dare to Show the Way for Others
  • Dare to Walk with God

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