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Recognizing and Retraining Wrong Thinking


What was I thinking?


How often have we repeated that question to ourselves after doing something we looked back on with regret? We intuitively know that our thoughts affect our actions. But what we don’t always recognize is how our thoughts affect our actions.


Our thoughts are so powerful that much of the spiritual warfare that takes place in our lives happens in our minds. This is why Paul in 2 Corinthians 10 instructed the Corinthian believers to reject thoughts that are not true according to Scripture and to use the Word of God as a weapon to pull down strongholds.


In these pages, learn to recognize thinking patterns that undermine your ability to live a victorious Christian life, and discover how to retrain your thoughts with the powerful weapon of God’s Word.

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Publication DateJune 26, 2017
AuthorR.B. Ouellette
Print Length176 pages
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R.B. Ouellette served as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Michigan, for forty-four years. The church grew under his leadership to become the largest independent Baptist church in the state. It is known for its consistent, compassionate outreach. Since retiring from the pastorate in 2019, Dr. Ouellette travels in a full-time itinerate preaching ministry. He is widely respected as an international conference speaker and as a loyal friend. He and his wife, Krisy, have been married since 1973 and have two adult daughters who are serving the Lord with their husbands.

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