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At the Core of Revival and Evangelism

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At the Core of Revival and Evangelism 


A study of human history reveals that God often does His greatest work of revival at the most critical hour. The great revivals of the Old Testament came at the darkest periods of idolatry. The explosion of the early church in Jerusalem came on the heels of Christ's crucifixion—in the exact city where the world rejected Christ. 


It is the very darkness of our culture that makes us candidates for revival. In light of this truth, the pessimism that accompanies most gospel efforts today is disheartening. Does it not seem that rather than bemoaning the darkness we should rejoice in the opportunity to shine the light?


One of the ways God has shined His light in and through local churches in years gone by is through revival meetings with itinerant preachers. There was a time when revivals and the evangelists who preached them were common and in important part of church history. Today, it is not uncommon to meet Christians in our churches who have never attended a revival meeting and could not name an evangelist. The work of preparing young men for this calling is often neglected in our churches and colleges as well.


It was with these thoughts in mind that we, as three evangelists, spoke together near the end of 2015 about our common burden for revival and evangelism. The weeks of prayer and conversations that followed brought about the birth of CORE, which stands for "Conference on Revival and Evangelism." The agenda of CORE is simple: to engage, enlist, equip, and encourage evangelists, pastors, and God's people in our churches in the matters of revival and evangelism.


At the Core, was written in preparation for the CORE meeting, and it will give you a clear look into the hearts of three men who have fasted and prayed that God would raise up another generation that would seek after God in revival.

The book is divided into three parts:


Part 1 addresses revival itself—not the revival meeting, but the reviving work of God. This section covers two of the most vital, but most neglected, components of revival.


Part 2 is primarily directed toward evangelists. It deals with the work of the evangelist himself—his calling, personal life, and preaching for revival.


Part 3 is written primarily for pastors as it provides helpful tools on conducting the revival meeting, including the most important part—the preparation.


Until the Lord returns it is not too late to pray, prepare, and participate in the heartbeat of God Himself—revival.


Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.—Hosea 10:12


May God use these pages to advance the cause of revival.


John Goetsch, Byron Foxx, Tom Farrell

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Publication Date2016
AuthorTom Farrell, Byron Foxx, & John Goetsch
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About the Author


Dr. Tom Farrell has been traveling in evangelistic work since 1979. For eleven years Dr. Farrell led the WILDS Evangelistic Team in revival meetings across America. In 1990, he formed Tom Farrell Ministries and in 2009, founded Advanced Ministry Training, a one-year internship program for young preachers. Dr. Farrell has preached hundreds of revivals throughout America and in over thirty foreign countries. Scriptural, simple, and straightforward would sum up the preaching style of Dr. Farrell. His goals are to exalt the Saviour, evangelize the sinner, and encourage the saint. Dr. Farrell and his wife, Regina, have three children who are serving the Lord.



Born in 1964, Dr. Byron Foxx has lived most of his life in his hometown of Newport News, Virginia. Saved at an early age, he yielded his life to full time ministry at age twelve. With his love for and gifts in music, he began playing the piano at his church at age thirteen and began preaching at age fifteen. Dr. Foxx married his best friend, Renee, in 1983 and raised two wonderful children for the Lord. After serving twelve years on a church staff, he launched Bible Truth Music in 1987 and serves today as Founder and President. Since 1994, Dr. Foxx has traveled in full-time evangelism, helping churches see revival through his preaching and music ministry.



Dr. Goetsch was raised on a dairy farm near Watertown, Wisconsin, and although brought up in a godly Christian home did not trust Christ as Saviour until the age of fifteen. After a lengthy battle during his high school years over God’s will, Dr. Goetsch finally yielded and attended Bible college. After graduation in 1974, he married Diane and entered full-time evangelism. Dr. Goetsch and his wife have four adult children who are all married and serving in full-time ministry. Dr. Goetsch has committed much of God’s Word to memory and uses it extensively in his preaching. In 1996, he became Executive Vice President of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California. Along with his administrative and teaching responsibilities at the college, he continues to preach revivals throughout the United States and in foreign countries.

At the Core of Revival and Evangelism
At the Core of Revival and Evangelism Sale price$9.95