Walking Through Fire Student Edition

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Walking Through Fire Student Edition
A Study from First Peter on the Trial of Your Faith

by John Goetsch

Every Christian faces seasons of fiery trials and is assaulted with Satan’s fiery darts. In the midst of the heat, it seems that the flames will destroy us—that they will consume our faith and leave us burned and charred.

The epistle of 1 Peter is a word of hope for Christians walking through fire. Through these pages, inspired by God through the ministry of an apostle who was familiar with the fires of temptation and persecution, we learn that God actually uses the fires to refine our faith and strengthen our witness.

Through this thirteen-lesson study, learn flame-proof principles to apply to your life when you are enduring the trying of your faith. Most importantly, discover the Lord’s presence, comfort, and hope in the midst of your fire.

(192 pages, paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-197-5