Raising God's Kids in Sin City

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Raising God's Kids in Sin City
Fifteen Biblical Principles for Christian Parents

by David Teis

As a parent, do you ever worry that it may be impossible in today’s culture to raise children who love God?

In 1977, David and Anna Teis moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to plant a church in the city where David had grown up. Among all the “usual” fears, questions, and concerns a young couple beginning ministry together would experience, the Teises also grappled with questions related to raising a family in the place infamously known as “Sin City.” Well-meaning friends even cautioned against it. But David and Anna knew this was God’s leading in their lives. They saw a city with people who needed Christ, and they knew that if God’s principles for raising children were true, they could work anywhere—even in Sin City.

Forty years later, the reliability of God’s Word for raising a family is seen in the Teis’ five married children who are still serving God and now raising their families for the Lord. What you will discover in these pages are Bible principles for reaching a child’s heart and building a strong family even in a challenging culture.

(152 pages, paperback)

ISBN: 978–1-59894–346–7