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Preaching that Pleases God

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    Preaching that Pleases God
    The Keys To Life-Changing Bible Exposition
    by Tom Farrell

    We live in a day when many people in Christendom give lip service to the authoritative preaching of the Word of God. Yet, upon closer inspection, we see that preaching is being greatly diminished among Bible-believing Christians. Some who claim that preaching is a priority are often found doing less and less of it. In many so-called local churches, the sound exposition of Scripture has been replaced by carnal worship, secular entertainment, drama, dance, movies, and secular psychology.Of equal concern is the growing lack of sound exposition in churches that do believe in preaching.

    Often the sermons of modern day “preachers” are ill-prepared, out of context, and inaccurate to God’s Word rather than prepared with diligent study and prayer. While the delivery may be showy, entertaining, passionate, and zealous, the result of such preaching is powerless and fruitless. This is because we have departed from God’s model of ministry—the preaching of His Word, His way.

    In this carnal day of the emergent church movement, Preaching That Pleases God provides a clarion call for preachers and Bible students everywhere to return to biblical preaching as God defined it in His Word. It is a call to return to God’s authority, to God’s mandate, and to God’s model of authentic ministry. It is a call away from the never-ending pursuit of fads and trends, and back to the pursuit of Christ and the accurately preached Word.

    (248 pages, hardback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-163-0


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    1. Practically and Spiritually Relevant

      Preaching That Pleases God addresses both the practical side of preaching, the how-to's of preaching; how to find a good passage, how to accumulate the material, how to write the message, etc.; as well as the spiritual side of preaching, preparing one's heart for the preaching of God's Word. Whether you have never preached before or you have preached for 40 years, I would recommend this book to help improve your preaching. on Sep 26, 2017

    2. A must have for the preacher's library

      This book is a great addition to my library. Very simple and 'not over your head' type of preaching helps that explains in laymen terms the art of sound biblical expository preaching. I highly recommend it. on Apr 25, 2017

    3. Cutting Edge Book

      Dr. Farrell has written a cutting edge book. I believe every Pastor or serious preacher should have this book. His scholarship and personality come through loud and clear. Even though many other books have been written on this topic, this one is one of the best I have read. It is certainly a must read. on Dec 11, 2010

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