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Making Home Work Curriculum Download

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    Making Home Work Curriculum Download
    by Paul Chappell

    Raising kids and building families is tough these days. We live in a broken society that celebrates sin and minimizes family relationships. Yet God has entrusted parents to care for and raise their children for Him, and He has given them the resources they need for the job—His Word to guide and His grace to enable. 

    The truths presented in this lesson series are not parenting hacks—tricks to have well-behaved kids. They are principles studied from God’s Word and applied to the challenging topics and multifaceted responsibilities that today’s parents face. In this thirteen-lesson series, discover what it means to invest in your children and how to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

    For use with: Making Home Work Teacher Edition


    The download contains the following resources:

    Printable Outlines

    With this download, your church has permission to reproduce unlimited copies for any class or group as long as you’d like. The download package comes with two versions of weekly outlines—basic and enhanced. The basic outlines can be printed on any printer as a double-sided, 8 1/2 x 11 outline. The enhanced outlines have multiple pages and can be stapled as small booklets. You are free to use whichever would most benefit your group. These companion outlines contain the following:

    • Lesson outlines with blanks that students or members of a group study may fill in during the lessons—both
    • Support Scripture verses that are used throughout each lesson—both
    • The introductory lesson overviews—enhanced
    • Study questions for review throughout the week—enhanced
    • A suggested memory verse for each lesson—enhanced 

    These are excellent tools to engage members of a class or group study. Giving study participants a tangible resource encourages faithfulness to the class, provides participants with a devotional tool for use throughout the week, and allows them to review what they learned previously.

    Presentation Slides

    For each of the thirteen lessons, our presentation slides include the following:

    • Thirteen pre-made presentations for each lesson 
    • Editable slides in PowerPoint and Keynote
    • JPG slide files for each lesson
    • Full and wide screen formats



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    1. Making the Home Work

      I think the curriculum is a great study. Thank you to Brother Chappell for compiling this study on Making the Home Work. I personally would have liked the book included in an electronic form. When teaching today, iPads are much more convenient, especially when adding notes to the material. Thank You for your faithfulness and the great material. on Nov 22, 2017

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