Less Than Perfect: Consider Christ Teacher Edition

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Consider Christ Teacher Edition
Meditate on Who Jesus Is and the Strength He Gives

by Paul Chappell

Our minds are constantly asked to consider something. Voices from every direction call us to consider their message. Political campaigns, advertisements, posts on social media, friends, family, our own thoughts—they all call us to consider, to give them space in our minds and a moment of our attention.

In all our considering, there is one who easily gets crowded out of our everyday thoughts—Jesus Christ. Yet, God’s Word specifically calls us to “Consider Him” (Hebrews 12:3). Through this thirteen-lesson study, consider Jesus. As you focus your thoughts on Him, you’ll find your mind renewed and your joy refreshed. 

Lesson topics include:

  • Consider Christ
  • Consider His Presence
  • Consider His Omniscience
  • Consider His Deliverance
  • Consider His Omnipotence
  • Consider His Lordship
  • Consider His Holiness
  • Consider His Forgiveness
  • Consider His Power
  • Consider His Provision
  • Consider His Eternality
  • Consider His Suffering
  • Consider His Priority

 (296 pages, spiral bound)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-285-9