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    What Most Religions Don't Tell You about the Bible
    by Cary Schmidt

    Specifically created to be placed into the hands of an unsaved person and a perfect gift for first time church visitors, this minibook explains the Gospel in crystal clear terms. The reader will journey step by step through biblical reasoning that concludes at the cross and a moment of decision.  This tool will empower your whole church family to share the Gospel with anyone!

    (112 pages, mini paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-006-0


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    1. Clear, concise Gospel presentation

      Great book. Easy to read. Completely understandable and simple description of the Gospel. A MUST read for anyone with questions. on Aug 13, 2017

    2. Excellent witnessing tool!!!

      I have used the "DONE" book for years as part of my witnessing tools. Anyone that comes to my house (UPS, FEDEX..., lawn maintenance, salesperson...) receives it as a gift. I give out tracks and wait for the leadership of the Holy Spirit to lead me to give out my "DONE" books. There is a restaurant in my town that has seen me leave the books on the waiting "to go table." They told me to leave as many and as often as I want! Success! I've used them hundreds of times to witness to people. They are excellent! We are called to 'GO AND TELL" - I've used this little book to do just that! on Jul 25, 2017

    3. Simple Gospel

      The Gospel is simple yet profound. This book does a great job explaining this profound truth in a simple way. on Mar 31, 2017

    4. what's done is done

      This book is for both the novice and for those who are strong in their falth... It is well written and easy to grasp... I thoroughly enjoyed it. !!!! on Feb 17, 2017

    5. A Wonderful Tool

      This is the simplest, easiest-to-understand book that we have come across in years. We have ordered hundreds of this book and saturated our community with them through various outreach venues. We have researched and purchased other tools, but our people always come back to the Done book. (We actually gave it to our entire congregation as a Christmas gift several years ago with the understanding that they would read it and pass it on...we know of at least two people who came to know the Lord as a result of this book.) One of our ladies recently gave a copy of the Spanish version to a lady who spoke little English; we are praying that God will take His Word in her language and show her her need for a Savior.

      Thank you for this wonderful, non-threatening book that answers all of the objections and questions that can arise when a person is confronted with his need for Christ. We will continue to use it (just ordered 40 more!).
      on Nov 24, 2014

    6. Could it be any clearer?!

      I have bought and given away many, many copies of this little book. The most meaningful application was my father in law getting saved, on his death bed, 7 years ago after being witnessed to for so long. In reading this book he realized how simple it actually is. Thank you so much for this clear picture of the finished work of Christ. on Sep 29, 2013

    7. Well Done!!!

      I just finished reading "done" for the third time. Two of those times were out loud with my wife. Christians need to be reminded often, that God's gift is free. I originally read this book on my Kindle but was so impressed that I bought ten copies to give to my children and grandchildren. I am encouraging them to read it at least once a year. I plan to buy more copies to give to friends that I meet. on Feb 15, 2013

    8. From a UCC over thinker

      I was born into a Reformed Evangelical United Church of Christ. I am a Christian and have never doubted that. Through church conflict, my husband and I chose to move to another church. This was not easy. My children were the 5th generation of my family to belong to our church. We began looking for a new home. My husband had been Baptist prior to our marriage and so we looked their and found a home. We love our church. My children went forward almost immediately. I have struggled. I have over thought my decision to death. This book makes it so simple. I am from the "doer" mantality....not anymore. Thank you for helping me except this most beautiful gift. Thank you to our pastor who shared this book with me. on Sep 2, 2012

    9. Small yet powerful

      I am an Burmese-American soldier who rarely go to church! I went to Junction City Baptist church one day and I received this book as a gift from Pastor Adam.

      I read it at my spare time just to see what's inside. Lol, a treasure is in it! I treasure it, and will let others know about it.
      on Feb 25, 2012

    10. this book is amazing!

      My friend gave me this little book before I became a Christian and it really helped me understand what God means. I have to say this book helped me accept God when I did not know much about christianity. I would like to buy it for some of my friends and help them get to know God's message. on Sep 23, 2011

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