Contemporary Compromise

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Contemporary Compromise
Standing for Truth in an Age of Deception

by John Goetsch

The emergent church movement has placed God's truth "up for sale." And so called "Christians" are flocking to the movement, heedless of the error. The contemporary church has become man-centered, pleasure oriented, and entertainment driven. Modern deception and trickery are hiding behind the attractive masks of pluralism, tolerance, spirituality, and compromise.

God's Word warns us of these very events, and equips us to stand strong upon the truth in a world of tragic, spiritual heresy. This book gives a clarion call to every believer to "try the spirits!" Every page pulls the mask off of modern compromise and equips Christians to stand for pure doctrine and holy living in an age where both are at stake.

Once again we need a generation of believers who will firmly grasp the baton of God's unchanging truth and securely place it in the hands of the next generation.

(240 pages, hardback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-105-0


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