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Consider Christ Student Edition

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    Consider Christ Student Edition 
    Meditate on Who Jesus Is and the Strength He Gives
    by Paul Chappell

    Our minds are constantly asked to consider something. Voices from every direction call us to consider their message. Political campaigns, advertisements, posts on social media, friends, family, our own thoughts—they all call us to consider, to give them space in our minds and a moment of our attention.

    In all our considering, there is one who easily gets crowded out of our everyday thoughts—Jesus Christ. Yet, God’s Word specifically calls us to “Consider Him” (Hebrews 12:3). Through this thirteen-lesson study, consider Jesus. As you focus your thoughts on Him, you’ll find your mind renewed and your joy refreshed.

    Lesson topics include:

    • Consider Christ
    • Consider His Presence
    • Consider His Omniscience
    • Consider His Deliverance
    • Consider His Omnipotence
    • Consider His Lordship
    • Consider His Holiness
    • Consider His Forgiveness
    • Consider His Power
    • Consider His Provision
    • Consider His Eternality
    • Consider His Suffering
    • Consider His Priority

     (144 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-286-6

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    1. Could use more

      While the lessons are good and in line with our fundamental biblical principles and doctrines, I wish there was more to challenge the students. Right now it is guessing what the heading will be instead of asking probing questions to the students about the passages listed, having them draw conclusions or comparisons, applying the points to life or situations, or making observations. on May 30, 2017

    2. helps organization of thoughts being taught

      We are going through this lesson in the mens Sunday school class in the church I am attending. On of my friends asked if we would get a book and I think that not everyone could buy a book, so they teach the lesson and take notes. I realized it was from you and you got it to me for the second class. I filled in the spaces from my notes and now use my book. My friend was also thrilled to get one. I like that tje scriptyres are written out, and the review questions are thought provoking. I am thinking about getting the Book by R.B. Ouellette that you advertised in the box my order came in. Thank you John on Feb 13, 2017

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