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Build Below the Baseline Student Edition

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    Build Below the Baseline Student Edition
    Developing the Part of Your Life that Only God Sees
    by Paul Chappell

    Although a structure’s foundation remains mostly unseen, serious builders never overlook its importance. And they never feel that resources invested in it are wasted.

    Many Christians, however, neglect the unseen areas of their Christian walk. We have a tendency to place greater importance on outward service than inner character. We do before we are. We look for the approval of people while becoming careless in our walk with God.

    The danger in this is that, just as a building can look good, even impressive, if its foundation is cracked or deteriorating, it will eventually crumble. Even so, a Christian may portray an image of spiritual success when there is no real substance underneath.

    Build below the Baseline is a challenge to develop the part of your life that only God sees. Each study in this ten-lesson series explores a Scripture passage that provides encouragement and specific instruction on investing in the most vital and foundational aspects of your Christian life.

    (112 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-331-3 


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    1. Product is Excellent

      I'm thrilled as always with the material, but I'm not thrilled with the way the office staff handied my orders recently. When I ordered the material, I paid extra for it to arrive for use on the next week. It came almost an extra week later. So I called and talked to the office staff and the reply was, " You agreed to the terms and conditions, so it is what it is".
      Grant it, I didnt read the terms, as I'm sure most people dont, but I went right away to see what was in terms. Amazing, it says that they reserve the right to take a few days to accept, process and initiate your order. I'm not ordering from some mega church, ours is a small Baptist church, in fact I personally pay for the material I order. I guess what bothers me is the attitude when I asked. Maybe it's policy to wait 3 days to put my order into the computer, but the whole, you agreed to terms attitude is just poor business. It makes NO see whatsoever to make faster shipping available, then take 3 or more days to even enter the order into the computer. Online orders are the wave of the future and they should be putting orders in immediately to stay competitive in the market today. I realize there's office hours, but 3 or more days to enter is not doing "Things decently and in order"!
      I don't think I'll quit ordering from you, but I'm definitely aware that I cannot rely on quick service, that's disappointing, to say the least. Your want your material in our hands, but thereally is a kink in the process, that's not making it easy to get.
      on Dec 29, 2016

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