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Are We There Yet?

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    Are We There Yet?
    Marriage—The Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples
    by Paul Chappell and Terrie Chappell

    Most people get married with the assumption that marriage itself is the destination. But somewhere along the way, we discover that it’s more of a journey. Rather than being a dream-destination island of unending bliss, we quickly learn that marriage is more like a long road trip—the kind where yes, we’re anticipating our arrival and creating some memories, but still find ourselves dealing with the realities of a messy car, motion sickness, and an empty gas tank.

    Like your favorite travel app, this book brings fresh insight and helpful tips, no matter what part of the journey you’re on. It’s for the engaged couple immersed in planning and focused on wonderful expectations for their dream destination. It’s for the newlyweds embarking on their road trip with high spirits, specialty coffee, and a cooler full of snacks. It’s for the mom and dad driving the minivan and distracted by the unending activity of the kids in the back seat. It’s for the couple struggling with motion sickness from the unexpected winding road of trials. It’s for the husband looking for a gas station before running out of fuel to keep his marriage going and for the wife who is holding on to extra baggage. It’s for the couple who finds their car clean and quiet once again and desires to finish the journey with love and grace.

    This book is for every couple on any stage of the marriage journey. If you’ve lost your way...or lost your joy...or just want to get the most out of the journey, the pages of this book will help you clarify your destination, refuel your gas tank, replenish your snack cooler, and wash those bugs off your windshield to reveal a God-given perspective that can change and strengthen your marriage.

    View the Are We There Yet? Companion Guide here.

    (320 pages, hardback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-353-5

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    1. A fresh start after 18 years of marriage!

      As a Christian spouse, I thought I’m doing my best to be a good husband. I didn’t realized I like that “description” of me for my own ego and image. This book helped me to make my wife to be happy again as a I serve her, therefore it makes me happy too. It took me 18 years to understand the importance of “serving your wife.” It was hard for me in the beginning to apply that concept, but as I read the helpful experiences of Pastor and Mrs. Chappell they shared in this book, I was able to relate and began changing the way I treat my wife. Praise God for this godly book made specially for “searching couples” like us. on Apr 10, 2018

    2. Amazing

      It has already helped our marriage, and we are not even that far into the book yet. on Feb 12, 2018

    3. Really helpful in my marriage!!

      This has been a great blessing in my marriage. It has helped me to see things that I never considered. I love how it gives the husband and the wife perspective of things. It really helps you understand how the husband/wife relationship should be and reinforces it with Scriptures. So thankful for this book!! Definitely will be reading it again and again to get all the advice packed in this book!! on Sep 29, 2017

    4. Practical, Biblical Resource for Your Marriage

      This book is a very insightful and helpful resource for marriage. It is biblically based and practically illustrated. My wife and I have greatly enjoyed reading it together and have been helped in our marriage. on Sep 18, 2017

    5. Fantastic

      It's fun and lighthearted yet it's biblically sound and educational. Whether you've been married for years or for a short time, this book is perfect to strengthen your marriage and walk together as husband and wife while also learning about some of the trials and ideas Paul & Terrie had and how we can strengthen each other through them. Buy two copies for you and your spouse to read together! on Sep 6, 2017

    6. Great!

      What a wonderful resource. Very well put togetber. My wife and I are so very thankful for the vision of Pastor Chappell to make available practical helps. No doubt this book will be a huge blessing to couples who are preparing for marriage as well as those who have been married for some time. on Sep 6, 2017

    7. Like receiving personal counsel

      This book is extremely practical and helpful. Reading it is like sitting down with the Chappells in their living room while they simply share their hearts about marriage. Sure to be a blessing at any stage of marriage! on Sep 5, 2017

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