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Life Quest

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    Life Quest
    Braving Adulthood with Biblical Passion
    by Cary Schmidt

    Whether you are thirty-something wondering where the last fifteen years went, twenty-something in search of your true purpose, or a late teen preparing to enter adult life, Life Quest is a guide to braving adulthood with biblical passion.

    Sociologists and psychologists of our day are documenting a huge societal problem—people have stopped growing up! We are addicted to staying immature and irresponsible. We seek immediate gratification and the path of least resistance—and we’re paying a very high price!

    This book will place you on a forward path of biblical principles. Don’t waste another day in what some call a “perpetual state of limbo!” Discover the true rewards of living God’s purpose and embracing the challenges of adulthood!

    (272 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-167-8


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    1. Every teen and young adult needs to read this!

      I am not a teen nor a young adult. I am a pastor looking for a resource to help me understand why the younger generation acts and thinks the way they do. This book is answer!

      I was amazed at the insights of Pastor Schmidt. Humorous, personal stories are used to demonstrate how our culture has told young people that it is acceptable to remain immature and to continue making foolish choices. The outcome is devastating! So many young people are missing out on what God has for them and the blessings that await from obedience and faith!

      EVERY teen and young adult in your church needs this book. It is powerful, thought provoking, and challenging.

      on Feb 18, 2013

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