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Just Friends

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    Just Friends
    Guarding Your Heart for a Wonderful Someday
    by Mike Ray & Cary Schmidt

    What is this thing between guys and girls? Do we call it Dating? Attraction? Interest?

    We all know it’s there, but no one really knows what to call it, and for some strange reason everyone is afraid to talk about it! So what do you call it?

    You’ve probably said it. “We’re just friends!” Sometimes you mean it; sometimes you mean something a little stronger, but a bit harder to define. Whatever you call it, it’s time to understand a reasonable and biblical approach to guy/girl relationships.

    This book will help you protect your heart as you journey through the dangerous minefields of young emotions and early attractions. And it will help you understand the biblical principles that will ultimately lead you to true love and a “wonderful someday.”

    Includes a study guide for personal application!

    (264 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-072-5


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    1. Excellent Read

      Looking forward to learning and teaching from this book! on Dec 7, 2018

    2. Great Book!

      This book is awesome! I read it in four days because I just could not stop reading it. This book has taught me so many biblical aspects about guy/girls relationships. Great book! on Feb 7, 2015

    3. Every teen should read this

      Every teen should read this book! Every teen faces problems and temptations such as this book talks about. on Feb 10, 2011

    4. Lifechanging resource for teens!

      It's the most relevant, practical book for teens Ive ever read! Bro. Schmidt and Bro. Ray really understand teenagers. Thanks! on Jul 24, 2010

    5. Convicting and Touching

      I loved this book. I have been struggling with some of these issues in my life. This book has really helped me. Thank you for writing it! on Apr 2, 2010

    6. A Real Eye Opener

      This is the best book on teenage friendships that I have found. In a world today where the guy/girl realationship is so distorted,every teen should read this book. I was given one recently, and now most of my friends and their parents want it! on Nov 20, 2009

    7. Amazing Book

      When people ask me how much I like this book, I tell them, "It's the second best book I've ever read," (The bible being the first). The advice in it was invaluable. It has changed my life forever and challenged me to live purely, honor my parents and wait for the "Right person at the right time." on Oct 1, 2009

    8. Great Book

      This book helped me to understand how important it is to respect my parents because I am preparing for a future spouse.
      on Jun 2, 2009

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