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It's a Wonderful Life

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It's a Wonderful Life

A Practical Approach and Proven Recipes for Hosting in Your Home 


The pages of this book are a breath of fresh air for ladies who are tired of trying to love their husbands and serve God in their own strength. From the very first page, your heart will be uplifted by Terrie’s candid, humorous, and down-to-earth approach to loving God, supporting your husband, and serving God’s people both biblically and joyfully. You’ll find new joy and fresh strength as you delve into these pages. Discover that it really is a “wonderful life” when your life is dedicated to Jesus Christ! In these pages you will discover…

  • How to deal with ministry challenges
  • How to nurture your soul with the Lord
  • How to pray for your husband
  • How to uplift the heart of your husband
  • How to bring your children up for God
  • How to be a blessing to your church family
  • How to conquer life’s greatest tests
  • How to find strength in the Lord
  • How to be faithful to God and others


“Terrie Chappell is real. She is truly a godly lady who embodies the truths of this book beautifully. She doesn’t just write about these truths, she lives them—vibrantly and sacrificially! To know her is to know that every page of this book rings with truth and is backed by a faithful life!”


“This is some of the most practical and biblical advice I’ve ever read for ladies desiring to live a joyful life of love and service to Christ.”

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Publication DateJune 10, 2008
AuthorTerrie Chappell
Print Length280 pages
Weight15.9 oz

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About the Author


Terrie Chappell and her husband, Paul, have been married since 1980. They live in Lancaster, California, where her husband pastors Lancaster Baptist Church. Terrie leads the ladies’ ministries, teaches a children’s Sunday school class, and serves as an instructor at West Coast Baptist College. She is the author of several books that encourage ladies. The Chappells have four married children who are all serving in Christian ministry and eleven grandchildren

It's a Wonderful Life
It's a Wonderful Life Sale price$16.95