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Hope for My Hometown

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    Hope for My Hometown
    Church Planting Principles from our Journey of Faith
    by Dave Teis 

    God has given you one life and filled it with resources—time, health, finances, relationships, influence, and more. How you steward these resources will determine whether you successfully fulfill God’s eternal purpose for your life.
    This book will take you on a personal stewardship journey, equipping you to live effectively and biblically. It will challenge and equip you to strategically invest your most valuable resources for God's eternal purposes.

    What happens when a twenty-one-year-old newlywed, fresh out of Bible college, attempts to plant a church in his hometown? And what if that town is Las Vegas, Nevada-the "sin city" of the nation?

    As Dave and Anna Teis announced their plans to plant a church in Vegas, many discouraged them: Could a young church plant survive there? Did the city even desire such a church? Was this young couple qualified to plant the church?

    Over thirty-five years later, the answer is obvious. Not just one, but two churches are growing and flourishing in this needy city. Through these pages, Pastor Teis records a journey of faith where miraculous provision, fervent prayer, willing sacrifice, and gracious perseverance mark the way to victory. He transparently shares the failures, setbacks, and triumphs he experienced. He outlines scriptural principles and provides practical resources for church planting in the needy cities yet waiting for the hope of the Gospel.

    (200 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-200-2


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    • Hope for My Hometown

    Hope for My Hometown

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    1. Inspiring!

      This book speaks volumes to God's faithfulness to His church and His ministers. I read this book back in college, and so when the Christian radio station I'm now working at wanted to give away some books to encourage pastors in the area, I knew we needed to give this one. on Sep 25, 2017


      A great book that held my attention, I almost read the book in one sitting because I did not want to put it down.
      Although I have never been used by the Lord to start a church, this book was very encouraging to me. I identified with the author on every page. The church that I now Pastor is the only church that I have ever pastored. The Lord led me here fresh out of Bible college.
      On every page I followed this mans walk of faith as He labored for the Lord. I identified with him all the way. It was encouraging because I saw that God honors Faith. I was shouting amen because I saw that the Lord worked in my life the same way he was working in the Authors life. God will bless the work of building a church.
      Another way that it was a blessing was realizing that although I have never met the Author, I saw another man who believes what I believe, works like I work, and is blessed like I am blessed. God has come through in my life like he had in the Authors.
      I was encouraged because I found another man I can Identify with. We may never have opportunity to meet and fellowship, but here is another man doing what I am doing.....And God is Good to us.
      ANOTHER THOUGHT. I want my church to be a soul winning church. We knock doors 2 times a week as a church. Me and the staff of course are out almost daily. The book gave motivation and excitement to keep on doing it. I already love doing it, but it was another healthy shot in the arm. Lets go door knockin', Lets go soul winning because IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS.
      A reminder that they will not come to us, we must go out and compel them to come in, IT WORKS
      on Aug 23, 2012

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