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Discover Your Destiny

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    Discover Your Destiny
    Making Right Choices in a World Full of Wrong
    by Cary Schmidt

    What every young adult needs to know about making right decisions…

    Life…you get one chance! No u-turns, no mulligans, no re-tries. Is there a way to know for sure that you are experiencing God’s best? Is there a way to be positive that you are on the sure path of His perfect will?

    The ten years between ages 17 and 27 are when most people make their worst decisions. Often these decisions are irreversible! They impact generations to come, and they require divine wisdom and insight!

    In these pages, you will be guided step by step through the biblical principles that will help you discover God’s plan for your life. You will gain the tools you need to make right choices. You will learn God’s foolproof plan for keeping you from going astray. You will uncover the subtle deceptions that could exist even within your own heart. You will delight in God’s guiding principles for decision-making…and equip yourself to discover your destiny!

    If you want to live out God’s purpose for your life, if you are afraid of making a wrong turn, if you’d like to know what God’s will might hold, this book is for you!

    An excellent resource for:

    • Senior high teens preparing for adulthood transitions
    • College students making imminent, life-altering decisions
    • Parents looking for advice to pass along to young adults
    • Student ministers looking for teaching material on God’s will
    • Pastors looking for counseling materials for young adults

    (280 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-049-7


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    1. Best Graduation Gift Ever!!

      I received this book for my graduation, and it has been such a blessing to me. Practical and helpful, this book is packed full of wisdom! (: I wasn't sure what the next step in life was after HS, and I just keep thinking now what? This book helps outline what God wants you to do, also makes you think about the future and how what you do today will change what happens tomorrow. I mean after graduation you are opening a whole new chapter of life, don't waste those years, God has given them to you for a reason. I would recommend this for a tool for teens, graduation gift, or just a nice read. (: God Bless on Dec 22, 2013

    2. Every teen should read this book!

      Dozens of times I've had a teen ask me "how do I know God's will for life?" I stopped giving them cliche answers and started giving them this book. It is the best book I've ever read for a young person trying to seek God's will. It is fun, entertaining and easy to read, yet still so full of practical, Biblical truth. on Oct 3, 2013

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