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Different by Design

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    Different by Design
    Discovering That a Godly Life Is Still a Good Life

    by Cary Schmidt

    The Christian life is to be a condition of the heart that shows up in a lifestyle. Throughout Scripture, God commands us to keep a right heart with Him and to live a lifestyle that pleases Him. Yet, many Christians today seem to believe, “God doesn’t care what I do, so long as my heart is right on the inside!”

    This personal Bible study reveals God’s heart for a biblical lifestyle. In it, you will be challenged not to separate “who you are” from “how you behave.” You will be admonished to live very differently from the world and from today’s “pop-culture.”

    Each and every page of this study will compel you to “walk worthy”—to live in a way that outwardly honors the Lord—to allow your relationship with Christ to flow into every act, every word, every thought, every deed, and every attitude of life.

    “Have it your way” Christianity is empty, frustrating, self-centered, fruitless, and pointless. God teaches us in His Word that we are to be different—by His design! This study will remind you that a godly life is a different life, and that God’s way of living is still the best way!

    (240 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-043-5


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    1. Important biblical principles for teens

      Different by Design is great for learning the basics of the christian life (especially for teens). It touches many different topics such as propper etiquette, biblical principles for dating, modesty, biblical authority, and many others. It explains what the Bible says on each topic. The main focus is that what is in our heart will show on the outside and God cares about both our inward and outward. It's written by Brother Schmidt so it has to be good. Every teenager should read this book! on Sep 12, 2009

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