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Bitter or Better

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    Bitter or Better
    Emerging Victorious Through Trials

    by Don Sisk

    If you knew that God could take the darkest circumstances of your life and turn them into the brightest joys, how would that affect your response to trials? Our natural response to suffering is to become bitter, but God desires to use that very suffering to make you better. In this book, Dr. Don Sisk examines why God allows heartaches in our lives and how our response determines our future usefulness. He explores four truths that can make the difference in trials. Fully embracing these truths will steer you from the path of bitterness and allow God to use your hardship to make you better!

    (48 pages, paperback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-109-8


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    1. very encouraging

      This book was very helpful. I greately enjoyed the book it was enouraging and had helpful advice to use in times of trial. on Jun 18, 2018

    2. Wonderful!

      A truly amazing book that offers the proper insight into the trials and tribulations we will go through. Dr. Don Sisk spoke at my local church, and that is how I came across this mini-book. Just so happenned that I am going through something right now, and this book is a great tool in assisting us to realize the Lord's reasons for the trials that we go through; and having the perspective that the Lord wants us to have DURING the trial itself is essential in reaping all of the rewards that the Lord has intended for us. Like my pastor says, "You don't say that since you're sick, you dont want to go to the doctor right?" When you are going through is even more imperative that you run to the Lord....He keeps His promises. on Jan 25, 2011

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