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A More Sure Word

Available on October 10, 2018!
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    A More Sure Word
    Which Bible Can You Trust?

    by R. B. Ouellette

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of “Bibles” on the shelves at the average Christian bookstore? Do they really all say the same thing? And most importantly, which one truly represents the authoritative Word of God? Do we even have a correct Bible in English that we can trust as the Word of God?

    This book addresses a very sensitive subject with kindness, candor, authority, and biblical support. Every page points believers to the most biblical, the most logical, and the most historically sensible position regarding the true Word of God for English-speaking people. Writing in a style and with a spirit that touches the life of the average believer, this book is perfect for new Christians or those seeking to cut through the scholarly semantics to the true heart of the matter—in which Bible should we place our complete confidence as the authoritative Word of God?

    (216 pages, hardback)

    ISBN: 978-1-59894-047-3


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    1. Best book on the KJV issue

      This is the best book I have read on the KJV and modern translations issue. Easy to understand and many terms are well defined. People in my church have been blessed by reading it. I recommend it highly! on Jul 17, 2018

    2. Best Book on the Text Issue

      This is easily the best book I've ever read on the text issue. It addresses all the key areas - with enough technical specifics to be satisfying, but without making things so complicated that you can't follow it (like most of the books I've read on the subject). Perhaps best of all is the charitable Christian spirit that governs the discussion. By being purposefully kind, and injecting much needed grace into this controversy, Brother Ouellette is much more likely to win converts. As a consequence, this book is WONDERFUL to give to undecided or confused people - it's not just for preaching to the KJV choir. I love this book, and love to give it out! on Jan 10, 2015

    3. Not as divisive as others, but extremely unbalanced and illogical

      The author states explicitly in Chapter 1 that he is using circular reasoning, that he is starting from the assumption that the KJV is the only translation you should read and that all his arguments are based on that "fact."

      He then progresses to apply nearly every positive verse in the Bible concerning preservation and inspiration as applying to the KJV without explaining why those verses don't apply to good modern translations. Nearly everything he has to say about modern translations or manuscript compilations is critical, but in a manner which he fails to apply to any of the background of the KJV, such as its less prominent translators, Erasmus, or anything to do with the "Received Text."

      The term "Received Text" is itself defined circularly. The term includes (not exclusively) the Textus Receptus and all the other true pieces of the Antiochan manuscript record (which is never defined), but obviously excluding the parts of the manuscripts that make up the Received Text that don't actually agree with the Received Text. By this he implies that the 1,000 plus disagreements in the manuscripts used in just the Textus Receptus (which used only a tiny fraction of the 5,000+ manuscripts the author claims belong to the Received Text) either don't exist or are completely inconsequential.

      He makes arguments about the scholasticism of those involved with the KJV, but contrasts those achievements not with the scholasticism of everyone else, but with their personal beliefs. The inner portions of many of the chapters are rife with ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments, too many to list here.

      One of the author's main points is that the Received Text and/or the KJV are "preserved" (as in always existing) while everything else is "restored" (as in its current form isn't what it was in the past.) This main premise is invalid, and once this brick is pulled from his foundation, the majority of the rest of his building comes crashing down. The KJV obviously has not always existed. The single finalized manuscript or set of manuscripts that the KJV was translated from have not always existed nor had they been completely decided on as a finalized set until long after the KJV was published (around the time that, as the author critically notes, the Critical Text was largely finalized.) Both the KJV and the body of text the author calls the Received Text (again, not the same as the Textus Receptus) were restored in the same way he criticizes the modern texts of: it just happened at a slightly earlier date.

      Again, the author is less bombastic that many other authors on both sides of the discussion, which is a relief. However, starting a book-long argument from self-admitted circular reasoning is discrediting in the highest degree unless you are already in agreement with the author. This book is critically self-undermined.
      on Mar 2, 2013

    4. Great Resource

      I am always looking for books to give to people I am working with or discipling. I often run into people who are confused as to the Word of God and whether or not we really have it. What a blessing it has been to give them this book and know it will answer their questions and give them good insight into why there is such confusion about this today. I woudl highly recommend it for every Christian! on Oct 28, 2009

    5. Excellent Book with a Great Spirit Toward the Issue

      R.B. Ouellette does a great job detailing the reasons why the King James Version of the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. My favorite part of the book was when he unmasked the marketing madness behind the new versions of the Bible. It's obiovus that modern Bible publishers have fallen into the same trap and "New Ultra Tide"—always having to reinvent the Bible to sell more copies.

      If you are looking for an excellent book on the Bible version issue, this is a great read that is well thought out and deal with the critical issues at hand.
      on Oct 23, 2009

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