Growing in Grace Chorus Book

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Growing in Grace Chorus Book

One of the most memorable traditions put into place at Lancaster Baptist Church over the past twenty years is our annual theme.  After many weeks of prayer and Bible study, Pastor Chappell chooses a theme that God has laid upon his heart.  Then for several months, the staff prepare materials that will help the church family understand and embrace that theme in their daily walk with Christ.

Every year, the preaching, the music, and much of the other ministry here at Lancaster Baptist relates in some way to the annual theme.  Over the years, these themes have become mile-markers for our spiritual growth as a church and as individual Christians.

Most of the choruses in this book began as "theme choruses" for our church family.  Others were written for special occasions and were used of God to encourage and strengthen hearts in a specific way.  We pray that they will bless your life and that God will use them to encourage spiritual growth and Christ-centered music ministry in your church.

  1. All Things through Christ
  2. Together with God
  3. With all of My Heart
  4. Try My Heart
  5. In His Steps
  6. My One Desire
  7. We're Part of a Miracle
  8. Revive My Heart
  9. Let God Arise
  10. Come Seek the Lord
  11. From My Heart
  12. Growing in Grace
  13. Streams in the Desert
  14. Washed in the Blood