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One Thing

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One Thing

Confronting the Obstacle between You and Christ 


"I want to go to Heaven. There must be something I can do to get there. Just name it.”


So ran the conversation between Jesus and the young politician. And so concurs the thoughts of seekers today.


But what if—in spite of your sincerity—there is one thing standing in your way?


Jesus told the young ruler there was. Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He helped many confront the “one thing” standing between them and God.


A respected religious teacher. A common woman. A blind outcast.


Although it would seem they lived worlds apart, they all had one thing in common—the fact that there was one thing standing between them and God.


One decision. One choice. One roadblock. One thing.


Will you confront it?

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Publication DateJune 10, 2013
AuthorPaul Schwanke
Print Length128 pages
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About the Author


Paul Schwanke was saved as a young boy and soon afterward surrendered to preach the Word of God. As a teenager, he was already busy preaching in missions, youth meetings, and churches. The Lord used his early involvement to direct him to

the ministry of local church evangelism. Since 1983, Evangelist Schwanke has been used of God to preach in churches across America and around the world.

One Thing
One Thing Sale price$4.95