The Resilient Life Leader Guide

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The Resilient Life Group Study Leader Guide
Overcome the Crises and Anxieties of Life through Christ

by Paul Chappell


We all face obstacles, difficulties, trials, and heartaches. Without resilience , we go through life increasingly flattened—beaten down by the multiplied challenges we face. Thankfully, God created us with the capacity to rebound, to overcome. He made the human spirit with a kind of resilience that can persevere through incredible tragedy or pain. 

But while human resilience may enable us to get through a specific need, there is a deeper, fuller, more comprehensive resilience available to those who know Christ. In Christ, we can experience a resilience that doesn’t just get through difficulty, but triumphs over it. In Christ, we can experience a resilience that doesn't just get through difficulty, but triumphs over it. 

In this ten-week study, learn what it means to experience resilience through the challenges of discrimination, fear, anxiety, depression, doubt, and more. Most of all, discover how to keep your focus on Christ as He enables you to press forward in the resilient life.

(360 pages - paperback)

ISBN 978-1-59894-491-4



The Resilient Life Study Guide

The Resilient Life Media Download includes social media graphic backgrounds as well as presentation slides and printable outlines for every lesson in this study.


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