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The Pocket Handbook for Teaching Reading

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The Pocket Handbook for Teaching Reading

An Educator's Guide for Developing Literacy


by Elisabeth Richard


There is nothing like seeing a child's eyes light up when combinations of letters suddenly form words in his or her mind. Being able to read well unlocks doors of discovery and provides an invaluable tool for life and education. Successful literacy skills - reading, writing, and spelling - are foundational for a lifetime of learning and growth.


The essential elements for developing strong readers don't come packaged in a reading curriculum. Although a good curriculum is important, the real key to success is in understanding the sequential steps involved in learning literacy skills. 


This handbook - written for parents, educators, administrators, and anyone involved in teaching children to read - will walk you through the five steps in this process. From phonemic awareness to comprehension, each step holds important milestones on the reading journey. An additional chapter addresses some of the issues struggling readers face and provides suggestions to help them succeed.

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AuthorElisabeth Richard
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The Pocket Handbook for Teaching Reading
The Pocket Handbook for Teaching Reading Sale price$14.95