Mind the Gap

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Mind the Gap
Managing the Space between Your Expectations and Reality

by Terrie Chappell

Disappointment is the space between our expectations and reality. It is that place of disconnect where our hopes don't match our experiences.

And haven't we all been there? Why does reality rain on our parade? How often have we cultivated our hopes over time only to have a sudden storm or changes outside of our control shatter them? Furthermore, how do we deal with lost hope and empty expectations?

The answer is so simple we miss it. Yes, we were made to hope, but we were made to have our hope fulfilled by the author of hope—God Himself. Disappointments in life are His divine appointments.

Reality rarely meets our expectations. But God Himself fills in the gap. He satisfies our deepest need and exceeds our greatest expectations. And He sometimes uses unmet expectations to prove that He is all we need—every time, any time, all the time.

ISBN: 978-1-59894-404-4 

(83 pages, mini paperback)