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Jesus or Buddha?

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Jesus or Buddha?

Jesus and Buddha—both were born around two millennia ago. Both are well-known religious leaders who still have great influence. Both founded religions that continue today. But are their teachings the same? Did each offer an alternate, but correct, way to enjoy life after death? Did both preach basically the same message throughout their lifetimes? In these pages, explore the life and teaching of both Jesus and Buddha as well as probing questions regarding eternity, truth, and God’s grace.

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Publication Date2018
AuthorMike Lester
Print Length pages
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J. Michael Lester served at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California from 1995-2021. Serving as chief academic officer as well as teaching full-time, Dr. Lester's classes made an impact on thousands of people training for a life of Christian ministry. He is a practical teacher of the Word of God, a committed husband and father, a proud "pops" and a friend to Christians. Living with the motto of "Humilitas, Veritas, Integritas" - he has dedicated his life to equipping the next generation for rightly dividing God's Word from a dispensational perspective.

Today, he is the president of Veritas Baptist College (, an online college dedicated to training Christian leaders for local church ministry.

Jesus or Buddha?
Jesus or Buddha? Sale price$1.50