How To Get Through What You'll Never Get Over

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How to Get Through What You'll Never Get Over
Walking through Grief by the Grace of God

by Bill Prater

Have you ever experienced a grief so deep that you knew it would forever change you

People often misunderstand grief, even as they are walking through it. Many people wrongly assume that the objective during grief is to eventually “get over it.”

But what if we have that objective wrong? What if instead of telling you to get over it, God wants to walk with you through it? What if He desires to perform a work of grace in your life that brings comfort, Christlikeness, healing, and greater intimacy with Him?

In these pages, Pastor Bill Prater shares from his own experience of losing his adult son in an accident and how God’s grace is sufficient—enough—to lead you through grief and loss.

(77 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN 978-1-59894-487-7


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