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Called to Serve
Biblical Instruction and Personal Encouragement for Local Church Deacons

by Dave McCollum

What is the role that deacons fill in the local church? What responsibilities do they shoulder? How should they manage their relationships with other deacons or church members? And how does God reward them for their often-unseen service?

  • The Role of a Deacon
  • The Responsibilities of a Deacon
  • The Relationship of a Deacon
  • The Rewards of a Deacon 

This booklet answers these questions and more as it provides a biblical perspective of deacon ministry in the local church. Written by a long-time deacon, these pages also give encouragement and motivation to prospective or current deacons to serve the Lord, their pastor, and their church family through this needed area of ministry.


(42 pages, mini paperback)
Dimensions 4.5 x 7
ISBN 978-1-59894-493-8


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