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Battle Ready:
Preparing for Spiritual Victory

by Matt Chappell

Life is full of unexpected struggles. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, the battle rages on. It might be a battle against temptation. It might be a battle with your health. It might be a battle indoor family or with your finances. We all face unique battles. The only question is―are you ready? In these pages, we meet Gideon―an unlikely, and at times unwilling, farmer-turned-general who saw one of the most remarkable victories in all of the Old Testament. How did this transformation take place? How did he experience such a great victory in life? The answers to these questions lie in the timeline between when God called Gideon and when the battle actually took place. There was a process of preparation. This is what this book is about―preparing for spiritual victory. We fight a different war than Gideon, but the process of preparation is the same. We can learn from his fears and his victory, his weakness and his strength. Above all, we can learn from Gideon how God prepares His servants to be battle ready.


168 pages, Paperback
ISBN 9781598944631

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