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Dark Horse
Unfailing Power for Unlikely People

by Matt Chappell

Do you ever feel unqualified? Unlikely to do something truly great for God? Unknown and insufficient?

That is where all dark horses start.

A dark horse is an underdog—someone no one even knows about, let alone expects to succeed—who makes a surprising win.

Scripture is full of dark horse stories—from Gideon to David to Esther to Hezekiah. Actually, you may not be familiar with Hezekiah, but his is a truly remarkable dark horse story. In this study, we take a closer look at Hezekiah’s life and learn how God empowers unlikely people to make a significant difference for Him.

With humor, transparency, and helpfully specific applications, Matt Chappell challenges you to live your own dark horse story—to refuse to settle for mediocrity when you could be extraordinary.

(152 pages, paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-328-3


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