The sessions, services, and video resources on this page were presented at Lancaster Baptist Church's Spiritual Leadership Conference and will be available to download at no charge. We hope that these resources will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

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Presentation videos are available at

Leadership Conference Notebook—Download

Preaching Services

  • Sunday Morning—Sam Davison (9:00)—Audio | Video
  • Sunday Morning—Pastor Paul Chappell (10:30)—Audio | Video
  • Sunday Evening—Dr. R.B. Ouellette—Audio | Video
  • Monday Evening—Pastor Paul Chappell—Audio | Video
  • Tuesday Morning—Pastor Kevin Folger—Audio | Video
  • Tuesday Morning—Pastor Stephen Chappell—Audio | Video
  • Tuesday Evening—Dr. Sam Davison—Audio | Video
  • Wednesday Morning—Pastor Kurt Skelly—Audio | Video
  • Wednesday Morning—Dr. Don Sisk—Audio | Video
  • Wednesday Evening—Dr. R.B. Ouellette—Audio | Video
  • Thursday Morning—Pastor Doug Fisher—Audio | Video
  • Thursday Morning—Dr. John Goetsch—Audio | Video
  • Thursday Evening—Dr. David Gibbs—Audio | Video

Pastors and Missionaries

  • The Preaching of Paul—Scott Tewell—Download
  • Ministering With Compassion—John Wilkerson—Download
  • Growing Through Transitions in Ministry Leadership—Dave Delaney—Download
  • Leading the Church Staff—Mike Norris—Download
  • Effectively Overseeing the Ministry of the Local Church—Scott Wendal—Download
  • Protecting the Priorities and Person of the Preacher—Troy Dorrell—Download
  • Leading Multiple Ministries Under the Same Local Church—Tim Rabon—Download
  • Insight on Developing a Multicultural Ministry—Ray Cazis—Download
  • How Compassion Makes the Difference—Paul Kingsbury—Download
  • Ideas for Growing Your Preaching and Teaching Skills—John Goetsch—Download
  • Skyrocketing Your Summer Midweek Service Results—Keith Thibo—Download
  • Maintaining Compassion for Your City—Tim Ruhl—Download
  • Avoiding the Trends and Lifting Up the Truth—Mike Edwards—Download
  • Insights for Effective Missionary Work—Dwight Tomlinson—Download
  • Walking with God before Men—Don Sisk—Download
  • A Fresh View of the Same Old Path—John Goetsch Jr.—Download
  • Standing for the Truth Over Decades—Max Barton—Download
  • Reaching Out to the Law Enforcement Community—Rick Stonestreet—Download
  • Seven Qualities of a Servant Leader—Rick Martin—Download
  • A Soulwinning Leader with Fruit that Remains—Mark Rasmussen—Download
  • Young Pastors on an Old Path—Josh Irmler—Download
  • Teaching Biblical Distinctives in a Decaying Culture—Alan Fong—Download
  • Avoiding the Trends of Contemporary Compromise—John Goetsch—Download
  • How to Keep a Missions Mindset in the Whole Church—J.B. Godfrey—Download
  • The Pastor as a Burden Bearer—Mike Ray—Download

Church Planters

  • Starting a Church from Scratch—Stephen Chappell—Download
  • Church Planting with a Young Pastor—Wayne Sehmish—Download
  • God's Passion: Church Planting Then and Now—Bud Calvert—Download
  • Biblical Foundations for Church Planting—Mark Irmler—Download
  • Overcoming Church Planting Barriers—Dave Teis—Download
  • Discipling New Believers in a Young Church—Rob Badger—Download

Assistant Pastors

  • An Account of Thy Stewardship—Dane Keely—Download
  • Effectively Leading a Ministry Team—Cary Schmidt—Download
  • Representing Your Pastor and His Vision—Larry Chappell—Download
  • Developing Dynamic Ministry to Young Singles—Cary Schmidt—Download
  • Ministering to the Deaf in Your Community—Rick Allen—Download

Adult Ministry

  • Leading Your Adult Class to Spiritual Maturity—Jerry Ferrso—Download
  • Principles of an Effective Sunday School—Jon Stone—Download
  • Five Functions of an Adult Bible Class—Tim Christoson—Download
  • How to Add Adult Classes Annually—Tim Christoson—Download
  • Implementing Care Groups in the Adult Sunday School—Tim Christoson—Download


  • Organizing Your Soulwinning Program—Jerry Ferrso—Download
  • Revitalizing Soulwinning in an Older Church—Tim Rasmussen—Download
  • Discipling New Converts to Maturity and Leadership—John Honeycutt—Download
  • Following Up on People—Jerry Ferrso—Download
  • Discipling Young Christian Families by God's Grace—Reggie Williams—Download

Music Ministry

  • Creating an Annual Music Ministry Planner—Jon Guy—Download
  • Spiritual Songs and a Godly Spirit—Ron Hamilton—Download
  • The Importance of a Children's Music Ministry—Melissa Baker—Download
  • Allowing Music to be a Reflection of Salvation—Mike Zachary—Download
  • Developing a Dynamic Spirit in Your Music Ministry—Jon Guy—Download
  • Developing Vocal Skills in Your Choir and Ensembles—Ron Hamilton—Download
  • Leading and Growing the Church Orchestra—Jon Guy—Download
  • Making Your Special Music Special—Shelly Hamilton—Download

Media and Technology

  • The Four Basics of Building a Website—Jeremy Lofgren—Download
  • Page Layout and Design Made Simple—Andrew Jones—Download
  • Simple Solutions to Maximize Your Online Presence—Jeremy Lofgren—Download
  • Setting Up Campus Internet Filtering—Anthony King—Download
  • Getting Started with Effective Video Editing—Larry Chappell—Download
  • Taking Your PowerPoint to the Next Level—Andrew Jones—Download

Children's Ministry

  • Establishing a Registration System—Julie Hanna—Download
  • Leading an Organized and Fruitful Bus Ministry—Billy Willis—Download
  • Recruiting and Encouraging Nursery Workers—Julie Hanna—Download
  • Policies and Procedures for Children's Ministry—Billy Willis—Download
  • Hosting a VBS Week—Billy Willis—Download

Student Ministry Leaders

  • Eight Qualities of Biblical Youth Ministry—Cary Schmidt—Download
  • Youth Leaders Discussion Forum—Cary Schmidt—Download

Christian Educators

  • Developing Great Character in the Next Generation—Mark Rasmussen—Download
  • Seven Attributes of a Christian School of Distinction—Rick Houk—Download
  • Ten Fruitful Characteristics of an Effective Teacher—Jerry Goddard—Download
  • Preparing Your Child for College—Diane Goetsch—Download
  • Becoming an Educator with a Ministry Heart—Ken Jones—Download

Church Administration

  • Establishing an Automated Giving Program—Ben Hobbs—Download
  • The Purpose and Function of the Church Finance and Audit Committees—Ben Hobbs—Download
  • Caring for Your Church Employees—Deirdre Finn—Download
  • Leading Your church Family Through a Building Program—Tim Christoson—Download


  • Making Pastor's Vision a Reality—Toby Weaver—Download
  • Understanding and Defending Our Baptist Distinctives—Rick Houk—Download
  • Learning How to Stand for Truth with a Godly Spirit—Bryan Samms—Download
  • Leading Men to Encourage and Care for the Pastor—John Alvarez—Download
  • How to Study the Bible—Mike Lester—Download
  • Embracing the Biblical Role of Deacon—Dave McCollum—Download
  • Helping Your Pastor Involve Others in the Ministry—Tim Butterfield—Download


  • Encouraging Your Pastor's Wife—Rita Weaver—Download
  • Helping and Mentoring New Christian Ladies—Nicole Christoson—Download
  • Redeeming the Gift of Time—Debbie Goddard—Download
  • Mentoring Teen Girls in Godliness—Dana Schmidt—Download
  • So, Your Husband is Starting a Church—Kathy Houk—Download
  • Maintaining a Spirit to Serve—Kay Husband—Download
  • The Biblical Disciplines of a Christian Home—Joyce Jones—Download
  • Biblical Principles for Counseling Ladies—Sherry Marquez—Download
  • How to Have Joy for the Journey—Ginna Dunwoody—Download

Pastors' Wives

  • A Life in Balance—Terrie Chappell—Download
  • Surviving the Storms of Life—Terrie Chappell—Download
  • Keeping a Servant's Heart Toward Your Husband's Call—Jenny Navarrete—Download
  • The Missionary Family—Becky Martin—Download
  • Lessons I Have Learned over Fifty Years of Ministry—Virginia Sisk—Download
  • How You Can Increase Your Husband's Effectiveness in Ministry—Suza Rasmussen—Download

Secretarial and Support Staff

  • Training an Effective Secretarial Staff—Lisa Stoner—Download
  • Coordinating Ministry Projects—Danielle Mordh—Download
  • The Pastor's Secretary—Bonnie Ferrso—Download
  • Maintaining a Spirit of Joy in a Busy Ministry Environment—Tammy Schellenberg—Download
  • How to Build a Timeline for Event Planning—Joy Keely—Download
  • Supporting the Soulwinning and Discipleship Process—Denise Wells—Download


  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Teen Years—Larry Chappell—Download
  • Developing a Real Personal Walk with the Lord—John Goetsch—Download
  • A Portrait of a Successful Teenager—Mark Rasmussen—Download
  • How to Prepare for Bible College—Peter Mordh—Download
  • Preparing for a Great Future in God's Will—Jeremy Whitman—Download
  • Developing Your Life through Godly Music—Daniel Hopkins—Download